2024 Color of the Year!

(According to Architectural Digest)

In 2024, the top paint colors from renowned brands reflect a spectrum that ranges from serene and subtle to bold and empowering. “Upward” by Sherwin-Williams leads the trend with its airy and light blue tone, offering a sense of calm and clarity that transforms any space into a tranquil sanctuary. Following closely is “Skipping Stones” by Dunn-Edwards, a muted gray with a hint of lavender, perfect for creating a soothing and sophisticated environment. This color embodies a timeless elegance and provides a versatile base for both contemporary and classic design schemes.

“Limitless” by PPG paints a picture of boundless possibilities with its vibrant teal, infusing spaces with energy and inspiration. This color is a standout choice for those looking to add a dynamic and uplifting touch to their interiors. “Viridis” by Graham & Brown brings the natural world indoors with its deep, lush green, evoking a sense of growth and renewal. This shade is ideal for making a statement and connecting with the elements of nature. Lastly, “Cracked Pepper” by Behr rounds out the top five with its bold and sophisticated dark gray, offering depth and drama while remaining incredibly versatile and grounding. Together, these colors provide a palette that can cater to a myriad of personal styles and design narratives.