6 Of The Hottest Interior Design Trends Today!

Here are some interior design trends for 2023: 

  1. Curves: Replacing straight lines, curves are appearing in furniture like crescent sofas and round rugs 
  2. Earthy hues: Muted tones like ochre, tan, and light grays are appearing in bedrooms and living rooms 
  3. Scandinavian design: This minimalist style features clean lines, neutrals, and soft textures like linen and wood 
  4. Texture: Texture can add depth and dimension to a room 
  5. Sustainability: This global trend focuses on creating healthy and resource-efficient surroundings 
  6. Marble slabs: High-style marble slabs are appearing in kitchens 

Other trends include: 

  • Warm colors
  • Bold wallpaper
  • Statement ceilings 
  • Fresh lighting
  • Old finds made new
  • Fun-loving kitchens
  • A return to tradition