Paint Colors of the year for 2022

Do you ever wonder what color to paint a bedroom, living room, or any room for that matter? Paint color of the year is a thing! Better Homes and Gardens states, “Each year, paint companies and color experts reveal their picks for the shade that best encapsulates the current period. Their choices for color of […]


When clients need furniture to area rugs, one of our first recommendations is DellaRobbia. According to their website, DELLAROBBIA.COM, “for over 32 years, DELLAROBBIA continues to be the ultimate source for creating the quintessential contemporary environment. DELLAROBBIA’s critical eye for European craftsmanship and recognition of timeless modern designs sustain our reputation of unflagging determination to […]

Supply Chain Affects Interior Design Too!

Yes! Supply chain affects even small business owners like Sherry Black at Sherry Black Designs. Interior states, “Our industry isn’t alone. Supply chain issues are flooding the popular press headlines, affecting industries from publishing to automotive. In NPR’s “Consider This” podcast episode, they explain that what we are buying today is complicated, involving many parts: […]